Syllabus for LIBR 105-086: Electronic Resources for Research
Fall 2009

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Express II Addlestone Lib 122 Mon & Wed 3-3:50 Office Hours by Appt
Dongmei Cao 953-0006 Addlestone Lib 101

Class Announcement

Check the class blog ( often since I'll post updates there. The blog will serve as a communication channel between the class and me (of course, you can always email me using your Edisto account if you prefer).

Check the syllabus for assignment/quiz links and due dates, Powerpoint lecture links, further readings, etc.

Wish you all success in this class!
Ms. Dongmei

Session 1
October 19 (Mon)
intro/syllabus & course info Web pages/tour of the lib (PPT for session 1)
Pre-test (click here to take the Pre-test)
Quiz 1 (click here to take Quiz 1)

Session 2
October 21 (Wed)
research process (thesis statements and research questions)/final proj (due Dec. 10, 9am) overview (PPT for session 2)
**Further reading:
The Seven Steps of the Research Process
The Research Process
Sections 1 & 2 & 3 & 5: Introduction/What is Research?/Choosing a Topic/Developing a Search Strategy
Assignment 1: email your final project topic to me (due Oct. 30, 9am)

Session 3
October 26 (Mon) (Guest lecture by Mr. Profit, I'll be at a conference from Oct. 23-Oct. 29)
CofC library catalog/PASCAL Delivers/Worldcat (PPT for session 3)
**Further reading:
Library of Congress Classification Outline (from LC)
Library of Congress Classification System (includ. Understanding Call Numbers)
Examples from Library of Congress subject Headings
Exercise 1 (click here to take Exercise 1)

Session 4
October 28 (Wed) (Guest lecture by Mr. Profit)
background sources (online encyclopedia, subject encyclopedias, Reference Universe) (PPT for session 4)

Session 5
November 2 (Mon)
scholarly journals v. popular magazines, LibGuides for majors & minors
**Further reading:
Scholarly v. Popular
Scholarly Journals v. Popular Magazine Articles
Exercise 2 (click here to take Exercise 2)
Quiz 2 (based on the readings for Session 3, click here to take it)

Session 6
November 4 (Wed)
Databases/search strategy/search techniques (PPT for session 6)
**Further reading:
The Research Process
Section 4: Determining Sources of Information

Session 7
November 9 (Mon)
Library DBs/search strategy (II) (PPT for session 7)
Library DBs/finding full-text (flow-chart)
Quiz 3 (based on Session 2 and 6, click here to take it)

Session 8
November 11 (Wed)
Assignment (group) (click for assigned groups, group project)
Database presentation (Group work session)

Session 9
November 16 (Mon)
Database presentation begin (Quiz 3 answer)

Session 10
November 18 (Wed)
Database Presentations Finish
(review for exam)

Session 11
November 23 (Mon)

November 25 Thanksgiving Holiday begins, no class!

Session 12
November 30 (Mon)
Citation Style/Plagiarism (PPT for session 12)
(exam answer)

Session 13
December 2 (Wed)
Research on the WWW/Evaluate Info/Critical Thinking (PPT for session 13)

Session 14
December 7 (Mon)
Final project wrap-up (format, annotations)
One-on-one appt made
Reminder: final proj (due Dec. 10, 9am)

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