Course Information for LIBR 105-086:
Electronic Resources for Research

Fall 2009

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Express II Addlestone Lib 122 Mon & Wed 3-3:50pm Office Hours by Appt
Dongmei Cao 953-0006 Addlestone Lib 101

Welcome to LIBR 105! You've made a right choice to sign up for the class since you'll need the knowledge and skills that you learn in this course to succeed in your academic (and non-academic) life in the college years and beyond. The world of electronic information resources is complex and confusing, we'll uncover the myth of the information maze. You'll also sharpen your critical thinking skills in evaluating various information sources, learn to use them ethically and responsibly, which are necessary for your future research endeavor.

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I. Course Description:
In this course you will learn the skills necessary to access and use various electronic resources efficiently and effectively. You will learn how to:
>select a topic/determine your information needs,
>determine what books, periodicals, Web and other sources are available,
>critically evaluate these sources,
>prepare an annotated bibliography.
By the end of the course, you should be able to develop a sound search strategy for any further research you might undertake.

II. Course Goals
All those who complete the course will acquire all the necessary information literacy skills that will help them undertake any research in the future.

III. Class Policies
Class Attendance and Rules:
Class attendance is necessary and expected. This class meets for only half of the semester. You will be automatically dropped from this class if you miss more than 2 sessions without an official excuse. The last day to withdraw with a "W" is November 6. For your convenience, here is a link to the Fall 2009 Academic Calendar.
Since we are in a lab, you must use the computers only as directed (e.g. no checking email, no chatting online, or playing games) during class.
Turn off all electronic devices (cell phone, pager, etc.) before class begins!
No make-up work allowed without an official excuse.
Late assignments will be docked 10% per day after due time.
This class centers around technology. You are expected to have access to the Internet since all the quizzes will be done online. Other assignments should be neatly typed in Microsoft WORD and sent as email attachments to my CofC email account.
The Honor Code:
Any student found cheating or plagiarizing will receive a grade of "XF" (failure due to academic dishonesty). To refresh your memory about the Honor System of CofC which includes the Honor Code, please turn to page 9 of your Student Handbook.

IV. Grading Info
% of grade
Quizzes/Assignments/Classwork 30%
Exam 30%
Final Project (Annotated Bibliography) 30%
Attendance 10%
Grading Scale
A 94-100
A- 90-93
B+ 86-89
B 84-85
B- 80-83
C+ 76-79
C 74-75
C- 70-73
D+ 65-69
D 60-65
F 0-59

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